Spencer After Five
Serving the Children of the World

Division Three Newsletter

August 2017

By Lt. Karen Bucholz

This is the status of our membership as I have found on the Kiwanis web site:



Lakes Golden K even


Spencer After 5 – 1

Spencer HyNoon -1

Daybreakers +7

Spirit Lake even

NorthStar Nights-listed with Estherville

I realize some have gotten new members but also have lost members.  This is from the start of the year status.


Here's your challenge: Get new members and invite them to the Division Council meeting Sept. 25. Governor Jan Burch will be inducting them into Kiwanis!!  What a way for new members to see what we do in Kiwanis!

Daybreakers have 7 new members.  Now, that's something for ALL of us to follow!

There is a GREAT video to show prospective members.  It is Kiwanis the Calling.  Pull it up on your phones and let them view it. 

Congratulations on getting your reports in!  Some of you are still working on those, please keep it up!!

Division 3 was one of a few who had all their I-Plans in!!  THANKS!!

Now, review those in the future to see if you are on track. 

Emergency Hygiene Backpacks For The Backpack Project

This is the list of what the clubs are bringing to the Division meeting:

Lakes Golden K: 400 tooth brushes and tooth paste

Spencer After 5: 400 hand sanitizers

Spirit Lake Noon: 400 Kleenex and 400 comb/brush sets

Spencer Daybreakers: shampoo

Emmetsburg: $400 for backpacks & chap sticks

Estherville: $400 for Backpacks & 400 bars of soap

Spencer HyNoon: 400 towels and wash cloths

North Star Nights: 240 band-aid holders and 225 toothpaste

Milford-$'s for backpacks & anti bacterial soap

Spencer Hospital is donating 400 deodorants

Would anyone else see if they can get 160 Band-Aid holders donated so we have 400? We also, could use dental floss. Please let me know !

Also, we will need vehicles to put the filled backpacks in for Spirit Lake. Emmetstburg, Estherville.

Karen Buchholz

LT Gov. Division 3